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ALLIANCE FOOD CONSULTANTS offers consulting services in each area of potential interest to companies, associations, and institutions operating in the agriculture, food and beverage and feed sectors.

Our philosophy is to be a partner rather than a supplier and, in this sense, we offer our services with a "tailor made" approach based on customer needs.

We provide regulatory strategic planning and assessment support for a wide variety of food and feed products.

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Our services include:

  • identifying current global regulations for food and drink products, animal feed and pet food, including ingredient approvals, labelling requirements, conditions of use of health and nutrition claims, food contact materials and food hygiene requirements;

  • food labelling compliance service: we develop your label starting from the technical sheet of ingredients. We assess the conformity of any ingredient and we provide you with an operative summary containing all the required information, ready for your design agency to copy and paste the legal information into your label artwork;

  • label review to help you identify areas of non-compliance;

  • creation of nutrition label/nutrition facts in compliance with relevant legislation of the country marketing the product;

  • regulatory translations which help you convert your labelling information to the legal language(s) of your destination market;

  • legal and regulatory opinions;

  • multi-jurisdictional and comparative analyses;

  • risk assessment;

  • crisis management;

  • submission of dossiers of authorization of additives, novel foods or contact materials;

  • liaising with authorities, including facilitating meetings and providing independent, third-party critical advice on and responses to regulatory issues; 

  • training programs (in person and online), which include topics such as introduction to food law, food and drink labelling, food additives and flavorings, nutrition, and health claims, food supplements, weights and measures as well as feed legislation;

  • regulatory intelligence;

  • assistance and specific plans to guide farmers towards converting to organic farming, and to manage processors, traders and importers to maintain and improve the organic certification;

  • strategy and management consulting services.

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