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Food Labelling Services

Food labels provide important information to consumers and assist them in making informed purchase decisions. Over time, food labels have evolved from basic product identity to potentially complex labels. The labels can include specific nutrient claims as well as detailed nutrient composition data and, in the last years, global legislation is rapidly and continuously evolving to provide more information on composition and nutrition, as well as on environmental and social impact of foodstuffs. 


This regulatory evolution is a big and at the same time complex challenge for food business operators and, especially, for those ones exporting their products to different markets.

Food Labelling Services

Food labelling is also strongly associated with a manufacturer's overall marketing strategy.

Design elements are key decision-making factors which involve a significant amount of research.

As a part of the brand-marketing initiative, it is important to ensure that labels are consistent both online and offline, and across all advertising channels.

Accurate food labelling also helps consumers identify and differentiate between counterfeit products.

Our team provides comprehensive solutions for all your food labelling requirements, ensuring you comply with the legislation in place at a global level.

From full artwork development to a complete label review, we can provide and/or assess your product labelling to ensure that every aspect, including layout and language, complies with local legislation.

We also evaluate product ingredients to ensure that they are allowed and are within legal limits.

Our food labelling services include:

  • verification of the product formulation and compositional standards (if applicable) according to the regulatory requirements;

  • review or drafting of the lists of ingredients and allergens and other mandatory label elements, as required by legislation;

  • verification of voluntary information;

  • the production of legally compliant nutrition tables, ready to insert into the label artwork;

  •  adding value to your products by underlining their specific characteristics with claims and/or analyses of proposed claims in line with conditions of use;

  •  linguistic review and translation of label elements;

  • a visual report illustrating the required and recommended corrections to be made to the texts with instructions.

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