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Who we are

ALLIANCE FOOD CONSULTANTS is a boutique consulting firm in the life science sector.


With extensive experience spanning the agri-food sector, Alliance Food Consultants supports strategic decision-making and growth from farm to fork.


Our experts can guide you towards implementing decisions in full compliance with food and consumer laws worldwide.

The regulatory landscape impacting the food chain is changing at an unprecedented rate and maintaining local and cross-border compliance is a major challenge for food and feed business operators.

Businesses are tasked with the weighty responsibility to ensure their organizations remain fully compliant with legal obligations and maintain consumers’ trust.

Finding the right partner to comply with the regulatory framework and maintain consumers’ trust can facilitate better risk management, mitigate any liabilities, and increase efficiency.

It can also offer opportunities to proactively manage overall compliance and add value to the entire organization.

What we do

Food safety requirements, food hygiene, food additives, food labelling, nutrition and health claims, novel foods, food contact materials, organic legislation, consumer law and competition law are some of the topics for which ALLIANCE FOOD CONSULTANTS can provide its expertise. 

Everything you need to achieve better compliance, all in one place. Manage complexity and risk, obtain greater control of process, and gain insights into the compliance process.

Our team is composed of professionals with technical, regulatory and legal backgrounds.


ALLIANCE FOOD CONSULTANTS clients cover a broad range: governments and institutions, trade and sectorial associations, farmers, agri-cooperatives, feed producers, pet food companies, food processing companies, retailers and law firms. 

Contact us

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  • Alliance Food Consultants
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239 Kensington High St, London W8 6SN, United Kingdom


Square de Meeus 40,

1000, Bruxelles

Tel. +32 483 198523


Via Aureliana 53, 00187, Roma

Tel. +39 06 92927523


Str.Gheorghe Lazar 24, 300080, Timisoara, Judet Timis, Romania

Tel +40 723 730159


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